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We are a duo of artists (Graça and Carlos Quitério) who loves cut paper collage, the mixing and taping of old and new references, and mostly, creating new ideas and concepts from all kinds of images, magazines, books and papers in general.

Our work supplies come, mostly, from flea-markets, second hand stores, or friends and family. We love playing with all these resources and information and make some sort of aesthetic sense out of these random pieces of paper.

We’ve started making collages together in 2004, using adhesive tape, which in Portuguese is called Fita-cola. Today we work with a wide variety of medias and supports, in many different projects: From the original creative art works to the illustration ones; from cut paper to digital. From animated collage projects to fine-arts installations and exhibitions.

We do what we Love!

Somos uma dupla de artistas(Graça e Carlos Quitério) que gosta de colagem manual e, principalmente, de criar novas ideias/conceitos a partir de todo o tipo de imagens e papeis em geral.

Os nossos recursos de trabalho vêm, maioritariamente, de feiras-da-ladra, lojas de segunda mão ou de amigos e familiares. Gostamos de brincar com todos estes recursos e informações e, criar outro sentido estético para estes pedaços de papel aleatórios.

Começámos a fazer colagens em 2004, com fita-cola. Actualmente trabalhamos com vários suportes e meios, em muitos projectos diferentes: Dos trabalhos criativos originais aos ilustrativos; da colagem manual à digital; de animações em colagem a instalações e exposições.

Fazemos o que gostamos!

Contact: papel @
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Limited Edition 2018 CalendarLimited Edition 2018 CalendarLimited Edition 2018 CalendarLimited Edition 2018 CalendarLimited Edition 2018 CalendarLimited Edition 2018 CalendarLimited Edition 2018 CalendarLimited Edition 2018 Calendar

On 14, Nov 2017 | In | By kodap

Limited Edition 2018 Calendar

13 Illustrated months Limited + signed copies by us the artists.
Just like 2015 and 2017, a brand new 2018 wall calendar, containing 13 coloured illustrated months (plus the cover), reproductions of hand-made, digitally untouched paper assemblings, from our archive of vintage papers, books and magazines.
Get your limited copy here: Starts shipping December 1st.

Order Now:

How many?

7€ will be added for shipping expenses (International).
Any questions or requests, just ask:

·Vertical (305mm X 423mm)

· Full color 170gm Matt coated with high brightness and silky sheen. Wood-free and long-lasting, it accentuates high-quality images and has clear texts for ease reading.

· 200 gm weight

· Wire bound silver/black/white

+ Info:
· Includes previous and next month, in both Portuguese and English languages;

· Limited copies only this issue, signed, stamped and numbered by the artists themselves-
— Carlos Quitério and Graça Santos











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