Wall calendar edition 2017

Torn Around

13 Illustrated months
Limited + signed copies by the artist.

Just like our 2015 wall calendar, a 2017 brand new is up for grabs, containing 13 coloured illustrated months (plus cover), reproductions of hand-made, digitally untouched paper assemblings, from our archive of vintage papers, books and magazines. 

Get your limited copy here: (SOLD OUT!)
Originals for sale here: x 32cm)

Vertical (305mm X 423mm)

Full color 170gm Matt coated with high brightness and silky sheen. Wood-free and long-lasting, it accentuates high-quality images and has clear texts for ease reading.

300 gm weight

Wire bound silver/black

+ Info: 
Includes previous and next month, in both Portuguese and English languages,
Limited edition, signed, stamped and numbered by the artists themselves-
Carlos Quitério and Graça

January - "Trumpet"
January (actual size)
February  - "Paint brush" 
March -  "Spring Cleaning"
March detal
August - "Dive"
September - "Vine bucket"
October - "Inspiration"
November - "Coffee"
December- "Chimney smoke"
December (actual size)
January 2018 - Extra "Air breezer"

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