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Collage sketchbook #1 — 2018

I realised I was collecting and "saving for later" too much tears and scraps from the paraphernalia of old paper editions (books, scraps and mags) we keep here at home (some date back from 1940, some were cut about 10 years ago)
In the past months (July - September 2018), I spent a lot of time looking and filtering our library of papers, and finally balanced the effort with the accompanying task of laying them together at the same time — in fact, I just need tape or stick glue, in order to let the serendipity flow and form new pieces or just simple pairings without overthinking too much. Just playing around and having fun.

So I naturally developed this new sketchbook, immersed with these resources laying around, spontaneously assembled in a grid-paper notebook offered by Sara, Graça's sister. In a short span of time, 106 pages with handmade collage compositions are gathered, about 90% of those done between August and September 2018.

Hardcover, 13.5cm X 13.5cm // 5,12 in X 5.12 in. 

Enjoy this fresh first season of cropping, trimming, cutting, taping and pasting.
I am happy with it.

— Carlos Quitério / Fitacola Collage

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