Promo Illustration, Exhibition, and children Workshop 

Arquitecturas Film Festival #6
12-16 October 2016- Lisbon

For the program of this edition, ARQUITETURAS is promoting films that explore the wide range of connotations that might be associated with the expression “REHAB NATION”. From the rehabilitation of old city centers to the gentrification of touristic neighborhoods; from the dereliction of social housing to the construction of new senses of community; from the privatization of the public space to the emergence of news forms of urban intervention. The possibilities are endless and “REHAB NATION” functions as an extensive pretext to basically think and debate the way we currently live in our spaces and our cities.

Promotional teaser fot tv and screens. Execution:   Gonçalo L. Santos (director) + Miguel Gil Marques (motion graphics)
Official artwork for promotional supports

Digital composition resulting from the original set of handmade collages, focusing on the rehabilitation concept.

Compositions, merges and fragmentations of found vintage pictures containing arquitectural, housing and cityscapes. 
Original set of handmade collages, focusing on the rehab concept given, 
before the re-remix, later part of our exhibition.

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